Trusted Maxicab services in singapore

All three services can be ordered through a mobile application even though the A-Taxi application is intended for survival. Unlike Uber, Careem and A-Taxi provide additional options for ordering a car through a 24-hour call center that also provides customer support. Maxicab also offer assistance in the application via email communication. A-Taxi has an additional feature of stopping cars on the road.

In most taxi companies, drivers have predefined schedules. We will know exactly when the driver has started and the shift has ended. In some cases, the beginning and end of the shift are not pre-defined. For example, members of the taxi association can sign up and start working whenever they want. They can also unsubscribe and end their shifts when they choose. Our model should support both options.

If a driver is a member of a taxi association, they can work in the morning, go home and then work again that night. However, in some areas there are legal restrictions regarding the length of the transfer and / or how many hours the taxi drivers can work each day.

In most cases, the buyer will contact the taxi call center and the dispatcher will enter their system request. The second situation occurs when a customer orders a taxi directly (for example, via a mobile application), and there is no employee of the call center involved in the process. The third option – also circumventing the call center – occurs when a customer gets a taxi at the station or comes to the street.

Safety is the most important advantage for drivers working in Uber or other e-city services. Since the transaction does not have cash, the driver does not face unpaid pricing or is obliged to bring a large amount of money that can attract a thief.

Bad, aggressive and disturbing passengers are released because drivers can also evaluate their customers. Constantly low ratings or unscrupulous driving behavior reports can cause account deactivation.

Unlike yellow driver cabs who work 12-hour riders in shifts or black drivers scheduled by dispatcher-Uber and other e-city drivers are more satisfied with freedom and ability to fit. Drivers can log in and exit from the system at any time and choose their own time.

Drivers can avoid expensive cab rental by buying their own vehicles. That means more profit for drivers, all the same. Drivers have also been released due to fatigue due to favoritism and office policy because the application provides dispatchers with disconnectivity.

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