Special care product

People often ask us about the order in which skin care products should be applied. The general rule is to first apply the product with the greatest effect or the special care product (Goji Cream Review) before the fluid or general moisturizer.

Sun protection is an important step in the skin care routine in the mornings. Excessive exposure to UVA and UVB rays can dry the skin and imperfections can cause pigmentation problems if exposed to the sun in excess. It is also important to remember that acne medications can increase even more sensitivity to the ultraviolet rays of acne-prone skin. More information in the section entitled Acne and sun protection.

Use only products that have been specially formulated for acne-prone skin and have shown their non-comedogenic character. Do not forget to remove the remains of makeup before going to bed Goji Cream Review. More information in the section entitled “Makeup for skin prone to imperfections”.

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