During the worm disease

On the other hand, they are not really aware of the problem so if they feel itching they will scratch the area without thinking, automatically Detoxic Review, and they do not know or do not remember that they should wash right after doing it.

In the same way, it is clear that self-contagion occurs much more often also because children tend to keep their hands to their mouths continuously. It is important to work this habit from very small, but if it is too late, keep an eye on this aspect and try to wash your hands as much as possible.

During the worm disease in the anal area, keep your child’s nails very short. You will avoid injuring the skin and, in addition, the eggs will have less place to perch Detoxic Review. Wear it with one-piece pajamas so that you do not scratch during sleep hours and, in this way, do not spread the worms.

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