At the other extreme

At the other extreme, that is, from 70 onwards Alvera Tone Review, it is also not the ideal time to stop the clock. The reason is that, and in this there are not many surprises, nobody wants to live old and more if they have ailments.

Therefore, although in many surveys people of 75 years are seen as the most satisfied because they have more free time, are retired and do not have so many worries, it would not make sense to want to live forever with pain and wrinkles.

For discarding, the best age would be between 40 and 50 years old, when you are not old enough to have wrinkles and be disabled, but you are not a young man without maturity and experience Alvera Tone Review. A survey by Harrys Insights and Analytics in 2013 asked about the age to live forever without health problems.

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